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About Jetsetter Boutique

Shop Jetsetter LLC is an online boutique that specializes in luxurious clothing and accessories at an affordable price. When picking out our products, we always make sure the items are up to date, in style, good quality, and an affordable price. The owner Julianna takes pride in her business and makes sure every product purchased is sent out in immaculate condition and on time.


Jetsetter Boutique gets in new inventory weekly so make sure to always check out our website and our social media pages. We are active on our instagram and Facebook but Facebook will be the first place we let our customers know what products are available. On Facebook, we will also be taking preorders for certain items so make sure to follow us on there to be up to date.


We can't thank our customers enough for supporting us. 

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About the owner, Julianna

The owner, Julianna, has always been into fashion and beauty since a young age. Her life revolves around the beauty world as she is a social media influencer/blogger and a wedding makeup artist. She loves her jobs and loves being in the beauty world. Creating a boutique was something she saw herself doing for years but knew she needed to be settled down first to do so.

As a make-up artist her training took her to multiple different states. Out of high school her adventure began as she moved to Los Angeles, California. She then completed her training and did additional training in Texas and Florida. She finished as a licensed esthetician and trained beauty and special effects makeup artist. For years she was on the move, training and working in the industry. She then got married to the love of her life (Wedding was on TLC's Say Yes to The Dress, Ep Love at First Flight) and took a year off to travel and take the first year of marriage in. That is when she started being an influencer/blogger. She loves sharing her life and stories with her followers. She loves connecting with all of her followers and giving them beauty and lifestyle tips.

After a year of exploring, we settled down in our first home in Kirksville, MO. Julianna's husband is in dental school in the area and she works for a wedding makeup company in a city near by. She loves her jobs of being a makeup artist, and an influencer but she knew she wanted to start an online boutique like she always talked about. Jetsetter Boutique isn't just another job for Julianna, it's a goal she's had in mind for years. Thank you for supporting Jetsetter boutique and Julianna .

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Instagram- @Juliannastidham


Pinterest- @lashesluggagelattes